What we do

Fully automated driving

Propelmee is creating a new ‘state-of-the-art’ for autonomous vehicles. We are developing fully automated driving technology which can safely contend with the most challenging on-road driving scenarios, across geographies, on all types of roads, and in adverse weather.

Propelmee’s SAE-Level 4 automated driving technology is powered by VisionAI, a generalisable visual cognition engine for autonomous driving, and AutoMap, an ultra-lightweight, long term persistent, scalable mapping technology.

How we do it

understand the world

Propelmee’s autonomous vehicle technology relies on ‘Perception’, through a highly differentiated technology approach, delivering rich scene understanding to an autonomously driven vehicle, much the same way people perceive their environment.  At its core, this perception technology converts raw sensor data from multiple sensors, into meaningful scene understanding in real-time, and therefore functions as the critical safety layer for autonomous vehicles to operate successfully and safely in complex on-road scenarios. Autonomous vehicles are provided with the semantic meanings of where they are operating, what is around them, and can make intelligent driving decisions learned through inferring the likely behaviours of other road users, for predictive and superior driving decisions.

go anywhere

Propelmee’s localisation technology allows autonomous vehicles to precisely estimate their position in all driving scenarios and even in GPS denied environments.  Propelmee stands apart in its technological approach to developing autonomous driving software for true functionality scale-up to SAE-Level 5 automated driving.

The Review

‘The Review’ is our blog page. Here, we talk about the autonomous vehicle industry, our unique technology approaches, and the story of our journey. You can also read our stories on Medium and see some of our latest technology visualisations on our YouTube channel.

Tele-Operation is Not Autonomous Driving

Remote Tele-Operation has recently come to be viewed as a possible safety fall back option that is situated squarely within the context of a futuristic, fully autonomous, Level 5, scaled deployment scenario of millions of autonomous vehicles across all modern cities, and more. The promise of this type of a futuristic, fully automated transport paradigm, …

Join Our Team

We are growing our team and are actively seeking outstanding talent across a variety of functional areas, and we strongly encourage fresh graduates (Masters/PhD) to apply.  If you are already working in the field or are looking to start a new career in autonomous vehicle technology,  please get in touch.

We are seeking energetic, ambitious, creative minds who have the desire to share our journey of creating the future of autonomous mobility. We have a strong commitment to employee development, on-job training, and job enrichment for every member of our team. We are an equal opportunity employer and we value diversity.

We are looking for talented, hard-working, disciplined individuals who aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and jump into the deep end. We pride ourselves on developing simple and elegant solutions to the most complex problems.

We are recruiting in the following areas:

  • software engineering
  • computer vision
  • machine learning
  • robotics and control
  • automotive engineering
  • simulation environments
  • intellectual property protection
  • project management
  • marketing, media, and PR

If you would like to be a part of our journey in realising the most significant technology revolution of the 21st century – then get in touch by emailing your resume and covering letter to  info@propelmee.com

Your covering letter should not be about your skills – we are interested in knowing who you are, learning about your life experiences, your unique perspectives, and how you want to make a difference .

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