We build, own, and operate a fleet of intelligent autonomous robots to enable virtual tourism around the world

We are launching Challau – the world’s first robot powered virtual tourism platform that lets people visit places completely online. Challau is a Hindi/Urdu word which means to ‘operate’, ‘initiate’, ‘drive’, ‘begin’ and ‘launch’. The Challau platform is made up of a shared fleet of robots that anyone, anywhere, can discover, access and interact through. Each of our robots is fitted with an array of sensors, and powered by our advanced AI scene understanding technology with ultra-fast communication systems. Simply dial into a robot using your computer or smartphone to instantly visit and explore remote places and see the world like never before.

Challau opens up tourist sites and visitor attractions to a global audience and lets travellers from around the world remotely visit and explore places

For Travellers

Visit far flung places instantly – completely online. Dial into a Challau robot from any location in the world and visit and explore that place from your home. See, hear, and move around by piloting your robot from your browser or smartphone. Take photos and record videos of your trip – (free to try out in BETA). Travel like you’ve never done before!

For Tourist Sites

Open up your tourist site to a worldwide audience of virtual travellers 24/7. Bring in more visitors in less time with an added source of revenue and no setup or operating costs – we’ll own, manage, upgrade and maintain the Challau robot for your site completely FREE. Give virtual travellers delightful experiences of your site by overlaying augmented reality tours and games.

Challau Robots


Advanced computer vision and deep learning based scene understanding and spatial awareness


Powerful 4G connectivity with WiFi support for high bandwidth communications indoors or outdoors


Accesible online by anyone, anywhere, at any time and supports concurrent experiences for large groups


Enriched with our Augmented Reality technology for user information, navigation and bespoke content layers

Photo of Challau Robot


Fully autonomous driving technology for mission-based or exploratory navigation


360 degree collision avoidance technology using Vision and Ultrasound - Cybersecure by design


Durable, weatherproof, and built to last


Piloted directly from your browser at the click of a button - no downloads required

Challau Cloud Services

Challau Edge Technologies


Computer Vision and Deep Learning based segmentation of objects and Drivable ground surface using Cameras and Ultrasound Sensors to ensure safe remote operation


End-to-end fully autonomous navigation without any human supervision in outdoor or indoor environments to bring the Challau robot back to base, or to a specific location

Experience Enrichment

High Definition 3D Mapping and Localization technologies for – Augmented Reality, Place Recognition, User Navigation, and to build Digital Twins of locations.


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