Teleport yourself to real places around the world by beaming into robot avatars

Challau is the world’s first teleportation service – that’s right! Teleportation has long been a purely sci-fi concept where you can instantly transport yourself thousands of miles away at the click of button. We’re making this a reality. Through Challau, you can now ‘teleport’ from anywhere around the world into a real-life robot avatar which lets you see, hear, interact, and move around, in remote places in real-time. Simply ‘teleport’ into a robot using your computer or smartphone to instantly explore the world like never before.

The Challau platform is made up of a shared fleet of robots that anyone, anywhere, can discover, access and interact through. Our robots are fitted with an array of sensors, and powered by our advanced Telepresence technology with ultra-fast communication systems, making it possible to beam yourself to places around the world in an instant.

Introducing Challau

See what its like to 'teleport' through Challau

Challau lets you ‘teleport’ yourself to fascinating places and experience them as if you were physically there. You can explore through your robot avatar, giving it instruction to move around thousands of miles away in real-time.

Once you have ‘teleported’ into a robot avatar, you can see and speak to people in the places you are visiting, and people around your avatar can also see and hear you.

Break free with Challau

In a world full of restrictions, Challau is your passport to freedom

Robot Fleet

A shared fleet of Challau robots at locations around the world enables 'teleportation' services


Advanced computer vision and deep learning based scene understanding and spatial awareness


Powerful 4G connectivity with WiFi support for high bandwidth communications indoors or outdoors


Accesible online by anyone, anywhere, at any time and supports concurrent experiences for large groups


Enriched with our Augmented Reality technology for user information, navigation and bespoke content layers


360 degree collision avoidance technology using Vision and Ultrasound - Cybersecure by design


Fully autonomous driving technology for mission-based or exploratory navigation


Durable, weatherproof, and built to last in harsh environments for all-day use


Piloted directly from your browser at the click of a button - no downloads required

User Friendly

Designed to be personable and approachable to blend in to human environments

Edge Technologies

Challau robots are powered by state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence technology


Computer Vision and Deep Learning based segmentation of objects and Drivable ground surface using Cameras and Ultrasound Sensors to ensure safe remote operation


High Definition 3D Mapping and Localization technologies for – Augmented Reality, Place Recognition, User Navigation, and to build Digital Twins of locations.


End-to-end fully autonomous navigation without any human supervision in outdoor or indoor environments to bring the Challau robot back to base, or to a specific location

Leadership Team

Get to know the people behind Challau

Founder & CEO

Zain Khawaja

  • Leads Technical development and Product Owner 
  • MEng University of Oxford
  • Robotics & Computer Vision Expert
  • Software engineer at UK’s first driverless car start-up
  • Lead technical investigator for UK Govt Funded Project on Connectivity of driverless cars
  • Lead inventor of core robot technologies

Sabdezar Ilahi

  • Leads Strategy, Planning and Manufacturing 
  • Experienced Finance and Management Professional – Jardine Fleming, BOA, Merrill Lynch
  • BBA, MBA & CFA
  • Co-Founder Market Research Start-up Versatile Research Systems
  • Led hardware design and manufacturing for prototype delivery pod & self-driving car

Moeen Ashfaq

  • Leads Commercial and Business Operations 
  • Experienced C-Level Executive and start-up Founder
  • BSc EE, MBA, MSc Psy
  • Director EMEA Orbcomm, Director SprintPCS, OP JS Private Equity, COO Himex, Co-Founder COO IoT start-up in London
  • Led numerous IoT projects funded by UK Govt and EU Horizon 2020 for connected devices
  • Spearheaded world’s first mobile picture messaging service 

Dr David Nam

  • Leads Development of Edge Technologies
  • PhD Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence, Post-Doc at Cranfield Centre for Electronic Warfare
  • Author on >15 academic papers/conference proceedings – IEEE
  • Lead investigator for multiple Govt Funded Civilian and Military Projects – European Space Agency Mars Rover Guidance System


We have been awarded government grant funding from Innovate UK and the Michigan Economic Development Corporation to help develop our core technologies


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